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We’re looking for dedicated, creative people to join us in making F6 Networks an even better place to be. Is that you?  If you are awesome and think you would fit into our team, send your resume to us!

Current Openings

People are what matter most to us.

Every day we interact with customers, suppliers, coworkers and when we do, we want each interaction to be friendly, informative and helpful in moving each others needs forward. In the end its developing great relationships that foster innovation, promote cooperation between customers and providers, between competitors and amongst coworkers. We strive at f6 to bring to each day a positive attitude and good nature, we want you to wake up and be eager to come to work with the team.

We work
as a team.

We are like not unlike a rowing team, each has their own oar, we are all focused on delivering a great customer experience and reliable service, working together, focused on the goal.

Business Operations

Network Operations

Network Engineer Fredericton


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